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Any company that wants to make the most of hiring a qualified accountant will benefit from preparing books appropriately. A sensible way to achieve this is to employ the services of a bookkeeper. This is an area where a lot of work is carried out online and digitally. There is a range of online accountancy software which assists with this work. However, many companies prefer to manage foreign transactions manually, and employing a bookkeeper for this work makes sense. Some bookkeepers are happy to undertake all payroll and even some HR functions that a small business requires.

Depending on the support you require, there will be tasks you need help from qualified accountants or an accountancy firm. The cost of accounting and construction bookkeepinges depends on your financial activity, namely the number of financial transactions. Choosing Ascott Blake, you save not only time but also money as you always pay for the results. Along with company statutory accounts, limited companies should submit their company tax returns to HMRC and Companies House. This should explain how you calculated corporation tax, including the profits and loss account. It is important to note that the profits and loss account for corporation tax returns is different to the one for statutory accounts.

What is bookkeeping, and why is it important?

How accurately you maintain your business’ finance records contribute to your brand value and keep you on the right side of the law. Deciding when and how to pay bills is important, but many business owners don’t have the capacity to do it well. They’ll either pay everything straight away, or wait till they get overdue letters. You can take charge of the process, watching what’s due and when, and reconciling that against the cash flow forecast to decide when payments are made.

Find out how AMR Bookkeeping Solutions can provide the right support for your business, send us your details and one of our experts will get in touch with you without delay. AMR have provided my business with high quality, accurate and professional service for many years. After going through the aforementioned reasons, you will have understood why businesses spend a huge chunk of money on bookkeepers.

Small business bookkeeping obligations

At Tax Bite, we are asked a lot of questions by small businesses about our services, how they work and how they can help potential clients. We have provided a list of the most common questions and the relevant answers to help you decide whether you want to hire Tax Bite as your small business accountant or not. Hiring Tax Bite is one way to make sure none of these mistakes happens.

We wanted an accountant that was contactable and didn’t charge us if we wanted simple advise. We wanted an accounting firm that operate in the 21st century providing easy to use systems with up to date accounting technology. We now have all of these things and more, including realistic affordable prices.

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